Nostalgic view of tourism in Portorož



Location: Taverna, Koper

Time: 14:00 - 16:00

On our exhibition point we will display things that we collected from golden years of tourism in Portorož.  With all included exhibits we will try to present the spirit of tourism during era of communism (socialism). Course we must not forget about iconic Josip Broz Tito and some other symbols od that period. Every company had a picture of the president and we will not be an exception. in addition, a lot for different authentic exhibits will be there, from post cards, suitcases games, sun glasses and similar. And to represent era in the best way there will be also pictures form Portorož during that time. We will made our presentation based on the original exhibition, "Communism and tourism in Portorož". Using this approach, we will try to present the simplicity of tourist tours in the time of communism (socialism). The journey usually lasted much longer than today, but nevertheless they were so easy going and nothing could "disturb" holidays in these era. Not even high temperatures, they didn't have any air condition! People also did't possess so many things like today, but there was always enough things to do and have fun. For us it si important to show how all of this vacationing happened in Portorož. After all, tourism history in Portorož is very rich and we should bring with the right presentation, some glamour and at the same time simplicity back to it.


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