Programme Maribor



Europark Maribor

Computational intelligence and sport

Moder virtual reality

Computer graphics

Security and Privacy of the Internet 

Is our soils vulnerable to drought?

Psychological stress assessment methods

Self standing bridge

Bending the curve

Parametric wood

Let's play with science

Experimenting with magnetism. Hovering, machines.

Mathematical games and riddles

Presentation of different biopolysaccharides and their chemical and physical properties

Could we know in which part of Earth or in which ecosystem we are just by looking at plant traits?

Face scanning and photography

Models of ice crystals and other crystals. Modeling of the world.

Faculty of Organizational Sciences research projects

A virtual simulation of textile products

Smart materials

Domestic machine washing – do we really know it?

Skills of verbal and non-verbal communication in police procedures

With hygiene to our health

Youth for the Advancement of Maribor

Presentation of the ORION Astronomical society activities

Mathematical games (3-99)

Tissue culture for conservation of threatened plant species

From the city to Library – research walk from Europark to University of Maribor Library



University Library of Maribor / Univerzitetna knjižnica Maribortop


»I will be a researcher!« - lectures for researchers

Exhibition µ SVET

Exhibition "Women in Natural Sciences and Technology"

The craddle of knowledge

“Support Science”

Lecture on examples of topological rules

EU corner




Poštna stagetop

Programme on Poštna stage






Vetrinj Mansiontop

Presentation of Biotechnical Achievements - Excellent in Science







Faculty of Tourism, University of Maribor / Univerza v Mariboru, Fakulteta za turizem v Brežicahtop

European Researcher`s Night at the Faculty of Tourism 


Anketa - podoba raziskovalcev