Presentation of the ORION Astronomical society activities



Location: Europark Maribor

Termin: 15:30 - 21:00


On the roof of Europark we will observe the sun and visible phenomena on its surface. We will use the mylar filter and will focus on observation of the sunspots. Particularly interesting will be the observation through Hα telescope, when, with some luck, we can observe protuberances – eruptions on the sun surface. In the evening, if the weather is clear, we will watch Earth satellite Moon. We will offer the professional explanation all the time of observations.

In the venue of Europark the members of Orion Society will present their work. The focus will be on the results of the research work of astronomic camps and the presentation of the results of light pollution analysis in Maribor and surroundings. There will be also astronomic experiments.

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