Programme Ljubljana and its surroundings



University of Ljubljana

Researcher's Night at University of Ljubljana Faculty of Health Sciences







Peer into the micro-world: What do my blood cells look like?

Economics for curious – get to know

it in a fun way






Night at the astronomical observatory 







Open day for the general public and shorter workshops for primary school pupils

Night of Mechanical Engineering at the Technical Museum of Slovenia

University Botanic Gardens Ljubljana / Botanični vrt Univerze v Ljubljani

Tropical forrest in Ljubljana







Nature Reserve Iški morost, Ljubljansko barje

Excursion to Iški morost Nature Reserve






Cell bank - biobank / Biobanka d.o.o., Trzin

Cell bank - biobank







Citypark Ljubljana, Šmartinska

Reserchers Night in Citypark Ljubljana







National institute of Biology 
/ Nacionalni inštitut za biologijo (NIB)

Researchers Night 2017 – NIB Open Door Day









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