Researcher's Night at University of Ljubljana Faculty of Health Sciences



Location: Zdravstvena pot 5, 1000 Ljubljana

Time:19:00 -  22:00

Guiding groups will be organized at 19:30, 20:30 and 21:30


The main purpose of the event is to present the profession of researcher. With the events that we organize at the Faculty of Health Sciences, we want to bring young people closer to the importance of the role of researchers and science and to present their influence on human activity.

We invite visitors to participate in organized workshops, where they will be able to participate in various activities and will also get acquainted to the importance of science in everyone's life:

1. Hands hygiene





2. Food safety





3. Fun first-aid learning





4. Optimization of the dose in general radiography





5. Reduction of joint damage in various sports movements







6. The impact of waste textiles and "fast fashion" on health and the environment





Additional information:


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