Excursion to Iški morost Nature Reserve


Location: Iški morost Nature Reserve

Time: 17:30 - 20:00

Several bird species, e.g. owl species, Nightjar, Corncrake, are active during the night and that is the only possible time to study them. Many of them are highly endangered and knowledge of their ecology is particularly important for successful conservation. In the nature reserve guided tour will be organised through which participants will find out more about late-cut wet grasslands and other habitats with high nature-conservation value, biodiversity that lives there and field research methods for the study of night-active bird species. All visitors will have the possibility to personally test the functioning of all field equipment, as well as to widen their knowledge and understanding of ecology and nature conservation through communication with professional ornithologists.



Reservation is advisable via e-mail: zeljko.salamun@dopps.si.


Additional information: http://ptice.si/iski-morost




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