The craddle of knowledge



Location: University library Maribor

Time: 18:00 - 19:30

The Cradle of Knowledge series is a relaxed debate club where renowned scientists and researches of UM will provide a glimpse into their work and life:

18:00 – dr. Ana Vovk Korže at the “well of knowledge” Podskalca,

18:30 – dr. Janja Hojnik at the “well of knowledge” Savica, and

19:00 – dr. Maja Rupnik at the “well of knowledge” Bistra.

The ladies will share their experience in balancing their private life with the life of a successful researcher and whether gender plays a role in terms of career opportunities, speak about how they entered the world of science and research, and the role the university library played in their life and career.



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