Tissue culture for conservation of threatened plant species



Location: Europark Maribor

Time: 14:00 - 21:00

Hladnikia plastinacifolia Rchb. is a paleoendemic species which in nature inhabits only a small surface of Trnovski gozd plateau which makes it very vulnerable. It is protected in situ and ex situ. Botanical garden in Ljubljana takes care for its ex situ storage while University of Maribor takes care of its in situ storage. Ex situ is protected in tissue culture collection and develops protocols for its long-term storage by cryopreservation. Tissue culture techniques are proposed as a conservation measure for rapid propagation and ex-situ conservation, which allow fast propagation in the event that the plant or its habitat would be threatened. The aim of current presentation is to present and popularize modern crop biotechnology and demonstrate the possibilities of its usage.

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