Let's play with science!



Location: Europark Maribor

Time: 14:00 – 21:00 

Anyone can play with science and learn something new trough simple demonstrations. The students of Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of Univeristy of Maribor will trill you with interesting demonstrations among others we will be playing with a hair dryer, ping-pong balls and ballons and we will show you how to penetrate an air filled balloon or a water filled plastic bag with a pencil without bursting it and how we can determine the pH value of solutions with red cabbage. We will present interesting balls which swell in contact with water and are invisible in water until we colour them. An fairly new perspective to that balls is to use them as »bottled water«, for wich we don't need a bottle and you can use them for drinking and watering the plants. And what is the best - you can do all this at home!


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