Slovenian Library Damir Feigl



Location: Slovenian Library Damir Feigl,  Korzo Verdi/Corso Verdi 51, 34170 Gorica, Italia

Time: 14.00 - 15.00


Visit to the Slovenian library »Damir Feigel Library«, part of the National and Study Library in Trieste, Italy ( You will learn about the history of this library and its activities. A visit to the Trgovski dom/»Centre of Commerce« nearby will follow, offering an overview of its interesting history and its present cultural role.

Starting point of the guided walk: at 14.00, at the Piazza della Vittoria/Travnik Square in Gorizia, Italy – in front of the Pallazzo del Governo/Government Palace. Duration of the walk: 1 hour.

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