The dimension of life



Location: Bevkov Square / Bevkov trg (in front of the Nova Gorica Centre of Culture), Nova Gorica.

Time: 9:30 - 20:30


Are bacteria smaller or bigger than a fruit fly? In our lab you will see with your own eyes (and some help from the microscope) how tiny and microscopic living things looks like!

And for things even smaller than bacteria?

Investigate with us the presence of some molecules of life such as proteins and nucleic acids (AKA DNA) from many different sources!

Discover the tricks and technologies that researchers employ every day to work with things that cannot be seen with naked eyes: be a researcher for 15 minutes. Put on lab coat, gloves and safety goggles and work as a real biotech scientist with real equipment and real science stuff!

Experiences are provided with 2 level:

- “Young researcher” (kids up to 10 years old)

- “Principal Investigator” (Youngster -adults)

Reservation preferred for large groups.

The described activity will be carried out in English or in Italian, in case of increased interest, the acticity will be carried out in Slovene.


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